Scandalous Alchemy

Katy Moran’s passionate, smart and action-packed novels … are stuffed full not just of heart-pumping romance but also clever one-liners— Sarah Hughes, Guardian

Full of glamour, gossip and gripping intrigue —Yours

1825: Cornwall and France

Clemency Arwenack never dreamed she would be appointed lady-in-waiting to the notorious, headstrong Princess Royal, heir apparent to the English throne. In fact it’s the last thing she wants. But Clemency dares not refuse, while her scheming godmother is threatening to expose her deepest secret. 

Worse still, Clemency’s childhood friend, the Hon. Lieutenant Colonel Kit Helford is now captain of the royal guard, charged with escorting the Princess Royal to France. If anyone can see through Clemency’s web of deceit, it’s Kit – just as wild and handsome as he’s always been. And just as much trouble. 

With the princess’s life under threat, Kit and Clemency are pitted against each other, even as a dangerous attraction grows between them. The past hunts them both, remorselessly, relentlessly, and neither can escape it for long.




“Katy Moran’s passionate, smart and action-packed novels set in a world where Napoleon won the battle of Waterloo – are stuffed full not just of heart-pumping romance but also clever one-liners”—Sarah Hughes, Guardian 

“I made the rookie mistake of starting this book on a weekday evening at 11pm. Next time I looked up, two hours had passed. I was keen to read it because I loved the first two books in the series but I think this is perhaps even better. It’s great to meet new characters and reacquaint ourselves with familiar ones, and the plot cracks along like a runaway curricle, but I think what I enjoyed most was the superb creation of atmosphere and place: you are THERE on a sultry summer night in Fontainebleau in 1825. Don’t forget your fans, ladies, because you’re going to need them. Btw I understand the Bridgerton comparison and if that floats your boat that’s fine, but Heyer is really a better one. Except that all the sexiness is there on the page instead of just in your head. And if you’re a fan of Crow from the previous books, all I can say is that he’s improved with age” —Amazon 5 * review

“This book is the perfect Stella Rimington/Georgette Heyer crossover that I did not know I needed, and am now obsessed by”—Amazon 5 * review

“Oh my goodness, I’ve just finished reading the third book in this series by Katy Moran, and I have to say I’m desperately hoping this is not the last we hear of the Lamorna family! It was a wild ride, in the same way the two previous books, Game of Hearts and Wicked by Design were, and I became so invested in the story that I could not put it down, but at the same time did not want it to finish! If you read these books I highly recommend that you read them in order.

There are very few appearances of either Hester or Crow in this book, but in this book the main focus is Kit, who is reunited with Nadezhda, as the captain of her royal guard. He needs to escort her from Calais to Fontainebleau for the meeting of a number of countries to seek a formal peace treaty in the alternate history that Katy Moran has so cleverly created following the Battle of Waterloo. At Fontainebleau Nadezhda is to meet her future husband, a Habsburg Prince who will give her greater legitimacy to take the throne of England.

I loved the dynamic of what could be considered to be almost a love triangle, with Kit and Nadezhda being reunited, but also with the introduction of Clemency. I love the way Katy Moran has created such beautifully strong, determined and intelligent female characters, and it was very easy to like Clemency, who was a spy, and well-versed in the manipulation of situations for the benefit of people who had scandalous information that was constantly held against her.

I loved the location, with much of the action taking place in France, and as with the two previous books there was a heavy dose of political intrigue, interwoven with high tension moments, as well as the cutest romance.

I know that comparisons with other Regency romances are likely to be made, but I’ve found the alternative history element to these books has been both really exciting and completely unique. I’ve also appreciated the diversity within the characters, and the sensitive way that discrimination for the diverse characters has been handled within this series.

This series of books has really stolen my heart and I am really hoping that Katy Moran continues developing this wonderful series further because this is one ride I’m not ready to stop!—BookMadJo


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